October 2018 Newsletter

Aloha All,

All good news as we gear up for this holiday season.

September was a time of growth and change for both the garden and us. The turmeric is taking the slow switch to shorter days as a signal for the start of its dormancy. As if there was a maestro orchestrating the plants as a symphony playing a song. The yellowing of just a few turmeric leaves send off a motion to the rest of the patch to start laying down those huge leaves as to naturally cover the grass in a self-defense for weeds and future expansion. Working harmoniously together to prep for the heavy rains that winter can bring. At the same time, the ice cream bean tree that was used as an overstory, seems to know that it is about to be “chopped and dropped”, is sending out the abundance of beans that we seem to always miss when absent.  We have been adding in more plants to the surrounding areas to increase the biodiversity including Pidgeon pea (bird attractant), Chinese long beans, pacific spinach (nutritious leafy green) and mulberry (delicious 😊).

We hope that everyone is taking care, feeling good and enjoying life.

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