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Hawaii’s Simple Gourmet was created to bridge Hawaii’s natural growers with the conscious consumer.

The H represents Hawaii’s and the natural growers of the state that dedicate their lives to growing food naturally, free of chemicals and salt based synthetic nutrients and in a manner that is beneficial for the planet and the future.

The “S” showcases the simplicity of our products. We take pride in that we do not use any synthetic preservatives, emulsifiers or cheap fillers. We use local whenever possible and if for some reason it is not, we source only Organic/Natural, Raw and Fair-Trade as to ensure our standards are continually kept.

The “G” portrays that our products are gourmet and that there is a limited quantity available due to the growing methods.

The Simple is woven between the Hawaii’s natural growers and the Gourmet products produced. These simple products are a way for conscious consumers to support, become aware of and be a part of a different type of food production; a local one that is providing high quality, natural food to their community. More of these growers means more of quality food.

Currently used for branding, the HSG golden seal will eventually be utilized to showcase HSG growers and their products. When you see this emblem, what it represents is now a reality.

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