Meet the Growers

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 Hawaiian Turmeric 


Meet the Grower!

Hawaii’s Simple Gourmet is bridging the natural growers of Hawaii with the conscious consumer. Supporting small growers now will ensure there ill be small growers in the future. Hawaii’s natural farmers grow with a passion for quality rather than mass quantity. You wont find these products everywhere, because the grower is growing on a small and natural scale. The farmers that produce the ingredients within these products do so with a passion for enhancing the planet and increasing the vitality of our ecosystem as so the future can have an opportunity to also grow food naturally. These natural methods decrease erosion, agriculture nutrient leaching and pollution of our waterways.

A difference you can taste and feel!

Have you ever had the opportunity to try a garden fresh tomato? It taste different. It smells different. There is a reason why people garden and enjoy growing their own food. It is the same reason that these are also sought after by chefs and food enthusiast around the world.

The quality of gardened plants is higher.

The flavor is more noticeable.

The nutrients are superior.

We offer you gardened fresh delicacies as so you too can have the opportunity to consume high qualtiy, flavor and nutrient plants.

Your Body Will Thank You.