Salves / Topicals

Our salves have been helping a lot of different people with pain associated with inflammation, bruising, sore muscles and even mosquito bites. Offering two different types, a soft salve sold in containers and harder salve sold in vertical rub-on sticks. Each offers a unique and efficient way of utilizing the salve for your personal needs. Try a trial size today and when you find your self wanting more, we offer larger sizes as well. Aloha from your grower!

Healing Salves

The turmeric utilized in our salves grows in our gardens. This specific species is a hybrid of the more common orange rhizome. Having a cream colored underground stem (rhizome) coupled with being high in camphor makes this useful for helping sore muscles, aches, pains and inflammation. To be used topically.

Use: Utilize topically for pain

Directions: Take small amount of salve and rub gently on problem areas.

Ingredients: Certified Naturally Grown Hawaiian Turmeric, USDA Organic Coconut Oil, Big Island Beeswax

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and this product is not designed to treat, cure, prevent any diseases.