Turmeric Grower

Hawaii’s Simple Gourmet Turmeric Growers

No Spray Hawaii

No Spray Hawaii is an educational based homestead on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island. They specialize in classes and consultations geared at helping people grow an abundance of food effectively and efficiently. We grow our turmeric using the best, natural methods because we too, use our turmeric for medicine. We never use any synthetic chemical-based fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. We take the extra effort as so you can trust the grower and the plants produced. What makes our turmeric different from other organically grown turmeric is our positive thoughts of healing, good health and thanks which have been incorporated during all stages of production. We hope that your Daily Dose of Turmeric product brings you health and happiness! Jesse and Laura Read more about No Spray Hawaii and their homestead by visiting their website: www.NoSprayHawaii.com

Love of Life Farm

Love of Life Farms is located in Kohala, the northern part of the Big Island. “They are an ethically driven company who works from the basis that humanity is connected to all life, and so we must care for all other living things in order to thrive. We are doing our part in the remediation of the biosphere by helping to bring our world back to clean food, air, water and soil. Nurturing life is what we love and we are thrilled to be making a living doing it. Sharing with others is our greatest job; let us share our love of life with you!” Jake and Sammee Read more about Love of Life Farms by visiting their website: www.LoveofLifeFarms.com