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Daily Dose of Turmeric

Turmeric Products made using only local (Hawaiian), fresh, high quality turmeric from growers you can trust. Meet the Growers here! The turmeric used in these products are hand planted, hand tended, hand harvested and processed by people who care about you and the planet. To ensure you are receiving the freshest products on the market, the turmeric  utilized for the Powder and Capsules is harvested fresh, for you, every week. Check out our new product: healing salve.

Products include: Turmeric Extract, Turmeric Filled Capsules, Turmeric Powder, Turmeric Salve and Turmeric Flavored Chocolate.

Wild Grown Vanilla

Hand pollinated in the jungles of Hawaii. These vines are wild grown, not farmed. They have been growing for years without any inputs or tending from humans. If pollination is done correctly a bean will form. After nine months of growing, the beans are hand picked and cured to perfection. The small quantity ensures the process is done correctly. The quality of the beans is portrayed through in our Wild Hawaiian Vanilla Extract and as a flavor in our Hawaii’s Simple Gourmet Chocolate.  Meet the Grower.

Turmeric Extract (Optional Black Pepper)

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Turmeric Extract - Each bottle is a One Month Supply

Recommended Dose: 10 drops a day for Daily Dose. May consume more in 10 drop increments as needed for pain associated with arthritis.

Directions: Place the drops directly under tongue or add to a beverage (tea or water) that you consume daily.

Alcohol based. We utilize an all organic, locally made (Hawaii), gluten free alcohol for extraction. 100% Hawaiian Ingredients. The high quality alcohol helps to incorporate the turmeric directly into the blood stream. Many of our clients utilize our extract as a natural alternative to over the counter and prescription anti-inflammatory for pains associated with arthritis.

Black Pepper: Some studies suggest that black pepper increases absorption of curcumin, one of the medicinal components within turmeric. We offer our extract with or without black pepper depending upon your specific taste preferences.

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*United States Only. We do this as to encourage you to receive your plant based medicines through a farmer who doesn't spray chemicals, never uses synthetic fertilizers, harvest fresh weekly and gardens rather than farms your turmeric. We will contact you by email if you purchase and your shipping address is located out of the United States for additional charges.

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