Hawaiian Flavored Chocolate

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Hawaii's Simple Gourmet Chocolate

Aloha! Hawaii's Simple Gourmet Chocolate is truly a unique experience. Utilizing organic ingredients to showcase an array of flavors grown by Hawaii's own Natural Farmers.

Flavors include:

Hint of Coconut

Hawaiian Vanilla

Kona Coffee

Hawaiian Green Tea Matcha

Hawaiian Turmeric

Hawaiian Ginger

Hawaiian Chili Pepper

Unsweetened Hawaiian Vanilla

What makes our chocolate unique is that it is versatile with temperature. At room temperature use right out of the jar as a spread for toast, muffins, sweet breads and even cookies! Slightly warmed, our chocolate can be used as a dip for strawberries and bananas or as a topping over ice cream or cheese cake! Warmed chocolate can be spread on parchment paper and placed in the freezer for 10 - 15 minutes and enjoyed as a chocolate bar! The chocolate can go back and forth between temperature without changing the quality, taste or texture!

- Organic Ingredients - Dairy Free - White Sugar Free -

- Vegan - Raw - No High Fructose Corn Syrup -

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Flavored Chocolate

Hawaii’s Simple Gourmet Chocolate is a bridge between Hawaii’s natural growers and the conscious consumer. All ingredients are certified organic, certified raw, certified fair trade and are vegan in nature. Going for a slightly healthier approach to chocolate (yes, there is one!), we use an all organic, raw coconut oil in replacement of the cocao butter. This helps with the versatility of the chocolate, but also the coconut oil is an amazing brain food and carrier of the medicinal properties of the flavors we utilize.

Hawaii’s Simple Gourmet Chocolate is versatile with temperature with the ability to go back and forth without changing the the quality or flavor. Spreadable at room temperature, solid when chilled and liquid when heated up in a bowl of warm water. There is no white sugar, no emulsifier and absolutely no preservatives. Taste the difference.

An amazing combination of four simple ingredients that bring the unique flavors of several natural growers of Hawaii to your home, wherever that may be.

“This is the very best chocolate that I have ever tasted. “

A common response at the local farmers markets when a sample of our Hint of Coconut Chocolate is tried.

Chocolate holds the flavors of these growers delicacies and portrays the exquisiteness of each. The Hint of Coconut is our most original and darkest flavor. The Wild Hawaiian Vanilla is slightly sweeter and compared more to a milk chocolate. There is just enough Hawaiian Turmeric to make you savor the experience, the Green Tea Matcha flavor is divine and the three different Kona Coffees represented (light, medium and dark) are all unique and flavorful.

Hawaii’s Simple Gourmet Chocolate is available in our 3 oz Jars and 1/4 oz Bars

Spreadable at room temperature.
Solid when chilled.
Liquid when heated in a bowl of warm water.