Wild Hawaiian Vanilla

Wild Grown Hawaiian Vanilla

We are proud to be able to share with you a unique experience, Vanilla Extract made utilizing Hawaiian Vanilla Beans that grow wild in the jungles of the Big Island. The wild aspect forces the natural flavors of the vanilla to stand out stronger than an average farmed bean. If you have ever had a tomato that was able to ripen on a vine in a garden, then you know what I am talking about. That tomato has some real flavor. Real juices and real nutrients. This wild vanilla is similar. Real vanilla producing real flavor and excreting real aroma. Go ahead, indulge.

An Experience like no other….

These vanilla vines are growing wild within a jungle along the Hamakua Coast of the Island of Hawaii. These orchids thrive hanging two to three stores above the jungle floor and a year long flowing stream. Our gardeners at No Spray Hawaii stumbled upon these wild vines while maintaining a path to a secluded waterfall in the back of the homestead.

To maintain the exceptional flavor and integrity of being wild the growers do not tend, maintain, fertilize or protect these wild plants. In a time where over 80% of the world supply is synthesized, experiencing the true flavor of wild vanilla is exquisite.

We offer such an experience.

More About Vanilla

All vanilla is hand pollinated. This is a very special process that takes time and patience. Vanilla is an orchid and an extremely delicate one. One wrong move and the flower will not produce a bean. The orchids only flower for 3-4 weeks in the year. Each flower only blooms for 4 hours of only one day. If the flower opens and is not hand pollinated, a bean will not form and the flower will close, shrivel and fall from the vine.

If pollination is done correctly, the bean will begin to form just days after pollination. These beans, look very similar to a long green bean and take 7-9 months to fully mature on the vine. They must endure all weather that is experienced in our tropical climate. This includes the unpredictable winds, storms, rains and lack there of. After nine months, the beans will be plump and begin to turn a slight yellow. To be considered a Grade A bean, they must be picked during this time. If left for longer the bean will split open decreasing the quality, value and aroma.

Grade A Bean

Once picked the beans must then go through a very rigorous and time consuming curing process. They must be kept at the perfect temperature, humidity and light to produce the flavor, aroma and ambiance that we all adore. This curing process is very tedious and if not done correctly, mold can form. If this happens, there is a short time frame that they can be washed and the process started over. If the mold spreads too quick, the beans lost.

To extract the flavor we utilize an all organic, Hawaii made gluten free alcohol. The beans are then soaked and extracted for three months. We follow the USDA standard of one pound of beans (100 beans) to one gallon of alcohol. A difference that can be tasted.

Our Wild Hawaiian Vanilla is now available in multiple forms including our Wild Hawaiian Vanilla Extract (100% Hawaiian Ingredients) and as a flavor in our Hawaii’s Simple Gourmet Chocolate 3 oz Jars and 1/4 oz Bars.

Go ahead, indulge and feel good knowing that you are a part of such an exceptional experience.