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Turmeric Roll-On

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Turmeric Roll-On*

Created by demand. This is our high quality, all organic, 100% Hawaiian Turmeric Extract in a convenient and easy to use form.

Each bottle contains a stainless steel ball bearing which makes rolling the turmeric extract over your skin easy. Many people have been using it over sore muscles and joints. Others have found relief by rolling it over recent mosquito bits.

Try it out and let us know what you think!

* The orange color may or may not leave an orange tint on your skin, clothes, furniture or any other place the extract might come into contact with.

Thank you for supporting a Big Island Natural Farmer. We care about how this plant is grown and do not use any synthetic nutrients or chemical pesticides. We grow your turmeric in gardens rather than in fields. Each plant is hand tended from the start. We specialize in offering you a high quality, garden fresh turmeric product in forms that are convenient to use without jeopardizing in the quality by staying small. Our turmeric is not a spice nor intended to be used as a flavor. We strive to bring the highest quality turmeric products and wait three years before harvesting the rhizome to ensure the plant has had the time to gain the medicinal properties that turmeric is known to contain. We are a small homestead and our goal is to provide you with the opportunity to support the farmer by purchasing the plants you desire and use for medicine directly from the grower themselves as to ensure they will be there in the future. .

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Healing Salves

The turmeric utilized in our salves grows in our gardens. This specific species is a hybrid of the more common orange rhizome. Having a cream colored underground stem (rhizome) coupled with being high in camphor makes this useful for helping sore muscles, aches, pains and inflammation. To be used topically.

Use: Utilize topically for pain

Directions: Take small amount of salve and rub gently on problem areas.

Ingredients: Certified Naturally Grown Hawaiian Turmeric, USDA Organic Coconut Oil, Big Island Beeswax

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and this product is not designed to treat, cure, prevent any diseases.