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Turmeric Capsules - One Month Supply

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Turmeric Capsules - One Month Supply

Recommended Dose: 2 Capsules (one gram) a day

Can be consumed morning or night. If using for digestive aid, many of our clients find relief taking turmeric with foods that normally upset their stomachs.

We harvest fresh! We garden rather than farm your turmeric which gives us the unique ability to harvest for you, year around. This ensures that you are receiving the freshest and highest quality available. many turmeric growers harvest all at once when the turmeric goes dormant.

What is the Difference: The powder intended for spice production is often times sterilized for long term preservation rather than kept fresh to be utilized as a plant based medicine.

Shipping: We offer free shipping to the United States for all of our turmeric products. If you are in another country, please contact us and we can provide a shipping quote.

>Thank you for supporting a Big Island Natural Farmer. We care about how this plant is grown. We grow it naturally, in our gardens. In our gardens, we do not use any synthetic nutrients or chemical pesticides. Each plant is hand tended from the start. We specialize in offering you a high quality, garden fresh turmeric product in forms that are convenient to use without jeopardizing in the quality. We do this by staying small. Our turmeric is not a spice nor intended to be used as a flavor. We strive to bring the highest quality turmeric products to those who want to consume it for its medicinal properties. We wait three years before harvesting the rhizome rather than one year. We do this to ensure the plant has had the time to gain the medicinal properties that turmeric is known to contain. We are a small homestead and our goal is to provide you with the opportunity to support the farmer by purchasing the plants you desire and use for medicine directly from the grower themselves as to ensure they will be there in the future. .

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All of our Turmeric is:

Garden fresh…… check!

Naturally grown (no chemicals)….. check!

Grown locally in Hawaii….. check!

Hand planted, hand tended, hand harvested…. check!

Grown in a manner that is good for the planet…. check!

You found us! Turmeric products you can tr

Each product is designed to be a one month supply of turmeric as a way to receive the preventative benefits of this amazing plants. It can also be used as a natural anti-inflammatory. We offer the very best and freshest turmeric available.

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Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have…. we know the growers!

All of our products come with the option to have black pepper incorporated. black pepper is known to increase the absorption of the curcumin, just on the medicinal components within the turmeric rhizome. If you do not have sensitivities or allergies to black pepper, this is what we recommend. If you do, the original has also been helping many clients.

Our turmeric products are grown and processed in Hawaii surrounded by positive thoughts of healing, good health and thanks. Our turmeric is gardened, not farmed. There are no tractors, no tillers, no heavy machinery. The plants are raised in garden beds and are Certified Naturally Grown, which means no chemicals, no pesticides, no synthetic nutrients.

By understanding that our food is our bodies medicine, we take care of our plants accordingly. We have a passion for growing medicinal plants in our garden in the best possible manner for the planet. We do so because we personally take the products from the plants we grow for all the amazing preventative benefits they offer. We have been taking turmeric powder as a mouthwash for five years. Before we go to sleep, after we brush our teeth, we mix in one gram of fresh turmeric powder with one ounce of water. Rinsing the mixture into our teeth and then swallowing the rest. Our teeth are whiter, our cavities disappeared and our gums are healthier than ever.

Before offering our products to the public, we gave it to our family. After taking our turmeric for four years, Laura’s Mom has witnessed amazing relief from a sciatic nerve pain that as persisted for years. Jesse’s Dad found relief after taking turmeric capsules from the pain associated with arthritis in his hands after working as a carpenter for many years. Because our family started feeling amazing results we grew a little more the last few years so that others can have the opportunity to take a daily dose of turmeric and have the opportunity to experience the same amazing benefits.

Thanks for purchasing. Your support enables us to continue growing responsibly and educating others. 100% of our profits go toward education about the importance of supporting farmers who grow without the use of heavy machinery, synthetic nutrients or any chemical pesticides.