August 2018 Newsletter

August 2018

Aloha All,

On average, there is roughly one billion lifeforms in a teaspoon of semi-healthy soil. These are the bacteria, fungi, protozoa, etc. All the fun little names we had to learn in biology. If the soil is considered healthy, there is even more. This small fact along with what they do for plants has shaped the way that we grow our gardens and homestead. These lifeforms are what is responsible for all the health and nutrient uptake for plants in a natural farming ecosystem and there are literally billions. The more of these lifeforms you have the more of the ability the plants have to network and receive the nutrients and minerals needed for its own health and survival.

For this reason, we believe that if we cultivate these lifeforms in healthy soil, our plants will be able to have what they need to also be healthy and prosper. For us, it is not just about the turmeric plant thriving, but the flourishing of the whole ecosystem that it is a part of.

Our aim is to help make these connections. Bringing you turmeric from beds that are full of thriving lifeforms. All happy. All healthy. All thankful to be a part of a living ecosystem. During all stages of production; planting, tending, harvesting and processing we strive to feel good, happy, healthy and thankful because of the sheer number of other living things around us and our ability to influence this energy. We have to say that because of all your positive responses, it makes it easy. We hope you feel it too!

Much Aloha Jesse and Laura



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