November 2018 Newsletter

November 2018

Aloha All,

These islands are experiencing their fair share of news coverage from the volcanic eruption to major earthquakes and now, Hurricane Lane. This past storm was disturbingly intense to experience. Unlike most areas of the mainland, when a major storm hits, here in Hawaii we have to stay put and witness the massive force that nature has to offer. There is nowhere to drive to.

For the most part, these are all natural cycles and can be accepted as such even though they seem so damaging. The past storm dumped close to 40 inches of rain in 48 hours literally doubling the width of the stream that flows next to the property. We sneaked a peak at our raging river during the slow times and was amazed at not only the color but also intensity of the water running towards the ocean taking with it boulders half the size of cars and much of Hawaii’s top soil. The sound, deafening. The feeling, extreme.

It was hard to not look at all the devastation happening all around. We were a bit worried about the garden. Looking throughout, we realized that we already prepped for this in how we design the garden system. Although leaning slightly from the shear weight of the constant rainfall, the turmeric plants all look like they will pop right back up. Sides utilized for raised beds protected them from the flowing water that ran through the paths. The blanket of mulch between the stems prevented the continuous rain from damaging the rhizomes and much of our top soil, protected. Tucked safely under a canopy of taller trees, the wind barely scythed the leaves. This was done months ago. This was done with purpose, intention and focus; to protect, encourage health and promote growth. This was done for you. Mahalo for being a part of our “farmily”!

Much aloha and appreciation, Laura and Jesse

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