Toothache / Spilanthes Tincture

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The Toothache Plant, Spilanthes, Paracress, BuzzPlant is a unique plant commonly utilized for its ability to produce a numbing affect in and around your mouth. The flowers contain a compound that causes slight salvation, numbing and calming of gums around your teeth. It has been cultivated around the world for this medicinal fact and used by various cultures.

Further research indicated that this plant also has anti-bacterial / anti-fungal properties and has been used topically to treat minor rashes or breakouts.

Use: Use directly on sore teeth/gums. Can also be applied topically to skin.

Made in Hawaii utilizing 100% Hawaiian Grown Ingredients

Ingredients: Certified Naturally Grown Spilanthes (acmella oleracea) and Certified Organic Alcohol (gluten free)

The Spilanthes plant utilized in this tincture is grown on a small scale as part of a permaculture / agroforestry farm. It is just one of many plants thriving in a diverse ecosystem. We strive to provide you the opportunity to purchase the highest quality plant based products directly from the grower. We grow all of our plants in an eco-friendly manner and one that enhances the surrounding areas. We promise to never use any synthetic nutrients, chemical pesticides or heavy machinery for our garden production. Feel the difference.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not meant to treat, prevent or cure any disease.

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