Tulsi (Holy Basil) Extract 15 ml

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Tulsi Basil commonly referred to as Holy Basil or Queen of Basil has well known medicinal benefits in Ayurveda. These benefits include those that help reduce stress, calm anxiety, enhance immunity and promote a healthy metabolism. Several years ago we were gifted a plant and was told to "look it up". Not only did we look it up, we studied the material and how to cultivate the plant in a way that was beneficial to the surrounding areas rather than farm it for profit. This plant is now a member of our garden and produces enough to share with you.

Use: Utilize 5-20 drops a day in tea, water or directly under tongue.

Made in Hawaii utilizing 100% Hawaiian Grown Ingredients

Ingredients: Certified Naturally Grown Holy / Tulsi Basil (ocimum sanctum) and Certified Organic Alcohol (gluten free)

The tulsi utilized in this tincture is grown on a small scale as part of a permaculture / agroforestry farm. It is just one of many plants thriving in a diverse ecosystem. We strive to provide you the opportunity to purchase the highest quality plant based products directly from the grower. We grow all of our plants in an eco-friendly manner and one that enhances the surrounding areas. We promise to never use any synthetic nutrients, chemical pesticides or heavy machinery for our garden production. Feel the difference.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not meant to treat, prevent or cure any disease.

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